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NFLPA leader says 2011 lockout very realistic

09.08.10 at 7:18 pm ET
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According to a report from Bloomberg.com, NFL Players Association executive DeMaurice Smith is very much expecting a lockout following the conclusion of the 2010-11 season. Thursday night will see the commencement of the last season of the current CBA.

‘€œI still feel that a lockout is coming in March,’€ Smith told Bloomberg.

The report sees Smith citing the length of season, rookie contract, and drug testing as major stumbling blocks in labor talks.

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Colts waive Tony Ugoh

09.08.10 at 6:21 pm ET
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According to a report on Pro Football talk citing ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, the Indianapolis Colts waived former second-round offensive lineman Tony Ugoh on Wednesday.

The 42nd overall pick in 2007, Ugoh stepped in as the team’s starting left tackle as a rookie but has battled injuries and mediocre production. He was believed to be better-suited at guard, a position he moved to prior to the team’s decision to let him go.

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Report: NFL union leader feels ‘lockout is coming’

09.08.10 at 5:10 pm ET
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In an interview with Bloomberg.com, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith expressed doubt that a new collective bargaining agreement will be completed before the start of the 2011 regular season.

‘€œI still feel that a lockout is coming in March,’€ Smith said to Bloomberg.

The key issues dividing the owners and players, according to Smith, are rookie salaries, a 16-game vs. 18-game regular season, health coverage and drug testing.

Smith told Bloomberg that the players are prepared in the event of a work stoppage, suggesting that the players union has over $200 million saved in a lockout fund.

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Tebow takes giant leap into web, twitter

09.08.10 at 3:18 pm ET
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Those who can’t get enough of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow are about to get a little more. Wednesday, the Florida product and 2007 Heisman winner launched his official website, TimTebow.com and twitter account, which is @timtebow.

“Thanks for all the years of support – I’m really excited about being able to keep in touch with all of you on twitter and facebook,” Tebow tweeted Wednesday.

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Patriots expected to be favored in 13 games

09.08.10 at 8:33 am ET
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According to Pregame.com, the Patriots are expected to be favored in 13 games this season, the third most in the NFL. Those teams expected to be favored in more games than the Pats are the Colts and Saints, who each are expected to have the advantage in 14 contests, and the Chargers and Jets, who both stand at 14 games in which they figure to have the upper-hand. Despite being projected to be be favored in more games than the Pats, the Jets, according to the site, are a longer shot to win the Super Bowl (15-to-1).

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Wednesday’s Morning Mashup: Clemens’ lawyers back in court

09.08.10 at 7:36 am ET
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Welcome to Wednesday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Rays at Red Sox, 7:10 p.m. (NESN, WEEI)


‘™¦ Roger Clemens‘ attorneys will be back in court Wednesday morning, this time in a New York courtroom. They will be there for oral arguments to address Clemens’ motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by his former trainer Brian McNamee for defamation, malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The New York Daily News has the details, and wonders how the situation will be affected by the judge’s gag order on Clemens’ federal case.

‘™¦ Rumor has it that the Downtown Athletic Club will take Reggie Bush‘s Heisman Trophy back after the former USC star’s NCAA violations were revealed. In The Los Angeles Times, Bill Plaschke writes that Bush should step up and return the trophy before being asked, but don’t expect it to happen.

‘™¦ Tom Verducci at Sports Illustrated writes about ideas to improve baseball’s playoff system, and he starts with the suggestion to add another wild card qualifier with a one-game wild card playoff before the division series.

‘™¦ Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. issued an apology for his racist and homophobic rant against Manny Pacquiao, but Ed Graney in the Las Vegas Review-Journal isn’t buying it. LZ Granderson at ESPN.com writes that Mayweather is getting a pass because he’s black.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA: On Sept. 8, 1966, the Red Sox fired their manager as they battled to avoid a last-place finish in the American League. Who was the manager, and which former Sox standout replaced him on an interim basis for the rest of the season, before Dick Williams was brought in to manage the 1967 team?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I knew very well that this was a critical game, so to allow what happened to happen so early in the game, I can really only apologize to my teammates and to the fans.” ‘€” Daisuke Matsuzaka, after getting pounded in the Red Sox’ 14-3 loss to the Rays on Tuesday

STAT OF THE DAY: 7 ‘€” First-place votes for third-ranked Boise State in the Associated Press college football poll after the Broncos‘ 33-30 victory over Virginia Tech on Monday

‘NET RESULTS: In a Russian soccer game, a goal scores from just outside his own box.

This goalie wasn’t as fortunate.

If you’re going to choreograph a soccer goal celebration with props, you should have something better than this.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Manager Billy Herman and interim manager Pete Runnels

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Sal Valentino, lead singer of the Beau Brummels, is 68 today.

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Floyd Mayweather gets heat from Filipino group for racist video

09.07.10 at 11:58 pm ET
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ESPN is reporting that the National Federation of Filipino American Associations are lashing out against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. after he released a racially insensitive video about Manny Pacquiao, who hails from the country.

“Once I stomp the midget, I’ll make that mother [expletive] make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice,” Mayweather said in the video.

Pacquiao responded by calling the video “an uneducated message,” but the NaFFAA is willing to go farther than that.

“We are outraged by Mayweather’s racially offensive remarks,” the NaFFAA said in a statement. “This disgusting diatribe against Pacquiao is a racial slur against all Filipinos and Filipino Americans and an embarrassment not only to the boxing community, but to all Americans. Talking trash may be common between boxing rivals, but Mayweather’s racially laced profanities brazenly crossed the line of decency and respectability. Pacquiao, on the other hand, has taken the high road and acted like the gentleman that he is.”

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Albert Haynesworth back to Titans?

09.07.10 at 9:41 pm ET
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According to a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Titans “definitely” have interest in reacquiring defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins, who are shopping the player for the second time since hiring former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

A Tennessee source told Mortensen that though the team would consider trading for Haynesworth, the Redskins are asking for multiple draft picks in return, which is “too high” for the team, according to the report.

After signing a $100 million contract as a free agent last offseason that included $41 million guaranteed, Haynesworth has been on shaky ground with the Redskins, from a reluctance to play nose tackle in a 3-4 to trade demands to failed conditioning test.

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NFL appeases Peyton Manning regarding umpires

09.07.10 at 5:13 pm ET
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Colts quarterback Peyton Manning wasn’t happy with the placement and duties of umpires in the preseason, as they made it difficult for teams to utilize no-huddle offenses, something Manning has mastered in his career. With quarterbacks having to check with umpires before being able to snap the ball, Manning was flagged in an August 26 game in which he took the ball illegally.

“The one [illegal snap] on me I thought was ridiculous, down there by the goal line when you’re snapping the ball to keep them from potentially getting a replay,” Manning said after the game, a loss to the Packers. “Also, they are unsettled. To throw a 5-yard penalty is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. So I think that’s one thing that will be re-evaluated — at least a do-over of some sort, or a warning. But a 5-yard penalty? That’s ridiculous.”

The NFL corrected the rules by making it so the quarterback can snap the ball once the umpire is behind the deepest running back, according to the Associated Press. Also, after being positioned 15 yards from the line of scrimmage once the ball was snapped in preseason, umps will now work from 12 yards away.

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The National Buffalo Wing Festival

09.07.10 at 2:22 pm ET
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The announcer couldn’t be more right when he says, “Sonya Thomas, as elegant as ever!” Because nothing says elegant like eating 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. I have so many questions after watching this video. How does somebody who weighs 105 pounds beat Joey Chestnut? Why doesn’t Chestnut just eat the Black Widow? And wasn’t there already a Black Widow in pool? Sonya Thomas needs a new nickname, like The Nutcracker.