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Tweet, Tweet

06.17.09 at 9:06 pm ET

This morning we learned through Kevin Love’s Twitter that Timberwolves head coach Kevin McHale would not be returning. Last weekend Shaq tweeted congratulations to Kobe and Phil Jackson for the Lakers’ Championship win.

It was only a matter of time before the Twitter explosion made its way to the Boston sports scene. Now some of our favorite players, managers and even owners Tweet to keep you busy when you should be working. Let’s take a look at some of the most animated Boston Tweeters in the Boston sports world:

John Henry

You can always count on the Sox most vocal owner to add his two cents. Just a few weeks ago when the Sox were sweeping the Yanks at Fenway, he got a little too excited with his Tweets, causing a ruckus with Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira. Henry’s Twitter account revealed a post on June 11 with the words “the MT curse?”, an intimation the Yankees had been cursed since their acquistion of Teixeira — they’ve lost their first eight contests against the Sox this season. When Teixeira was informed of the Tweet, he said he didn’t want to become involved in a war of words with a “seventy-something-year-old-man,” referring to the 59-year-old Henry. Henry’s response the next day, “Hope I didn’t hurt Mark’s feelings!” May the drama continue…

Curt Schilling

Surprise, surprise — Did you really think Curt would pass up an opportunity to share his thoughts with everyone? This is Curt’s dream come true. The ever vocal Schilling mainly posts about the Sox, his own Fantasy baseball team and his family. Last Saturday he tweeted, “Don’t blink, or you’ll miss Lester rising into the top 3-4 pitchers in baseball in the next 30 days.” You can be sure he’ll have something to say about the recent steroid allegations laid on Sammy Sosa.

Vince Wilfork

Who would have thought the big man had so much to say? Wilfork updates his Twitter almost daily, even while skipping the Patriots’ organized team activities in the beginning of June because of a dispute over his contract situation. He took time to Tweet about the departure of former teammate Rodney Harrison, saying, “rodney is a great guy on and off the field he will be missed.” Wilfork recently posted about his BBQ raffle to raise awareness for diabetes and his early Father’s Day gift to watch the US Open at Bethpage Black this weekend.

Laurence Maroney

Still no Tom Brady Twitter as of yet — that would have been an interesting offseason to follow. But maybe one of his favorite running backs can persuade him to create an account. Maroney Tweeted about his excitement for camp at the end of May, “Just got done wit day 3 of camp…. I got a to keep working hard to get ready for the season.”

Paul Pierce

After updating his Twitter almost daily during the season about the Celtics playoff run, Kevin Garnett’s health (“Looks KG gonna b out another week or two but have no fear 34 is still here” on March 31) and Ray Allen’s play (“Man what a Game and Jesus Shuttleworth comes thru again” on April 1), Paul’s tweets have slowed up lately, but he unloaded with this gem during the NBA Finals — “Lakers vs orlando. Looked like a german sherperd vs a poodle that’s ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10.”

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