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LEEInks Gets Technical Introduction to ‘Sheed

07.06.09 at 11:39 am ET

Good morning New England!

Today, we’re going to take a look at the ever-colorful career of the newest Celtic, Rasheed Wallace. As’s Jeff Goodman reported, the 34-year-old forward/center agreed to a two-year deal worth the mid-level exception, in the neighborhood of 5.6-5.8 million dollars.

Let’s kick things off at the chronological beginning of the high profile career of Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was a standout player for Simon Gratz High School. ‘Sheed even played in the 1993 McDonald’s All-America Game.

Within the pages of the score book, Wallace’s meager nine points don’t exactly stand out against future UNC teammate Jerry Stackhouse’s 27 points. However, ‘Sheed made his presence felt by being the only player in the 30-year histroy of the game to be T’d up and tossed.

Technical fouls are nothing to new to Wallace, as he has garnered quite a few of them throughout his career. Some have come in key playoff games, some, like last year’s 19, happen during the regular season.

In fact, Wallace averages close to 22 technicals a season! It appears that Kendrick Perkins (sixth in the league with a dozen) has some major catching up to do.

Rasheed Wallace, however, may be known for one of the most infamous NBA arrests in recent memory as he and Trailblazers teammate Damon Stoudamire were booked on marijuana possession charges in late 2002. The arrest helped spawn one of the most infamous NBA squads of all-time in the Portland “Jailblazers.”

Wallace is also one of the most loquacious players in the league. Whether he’s doing his best Joe Namath impression during the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals, talking about how both teams played that night, or how ex-teammate Ben Wallace was to recieve NBA Defensive Player of the Year honors, it isn’t difficult to get his opinion on things.

However, if you’re Oregonian scribe John Canzano, you know all too well about the temper of Rasheed Wallace. Scroll down about a quarter of the way down for Canzano’s ‘Sheed anecdote involving a very unfriendly Wallace.

Finally, Rasheed Wallace will give you, the fan, a song and dance while he’s a member of your team. Just ask Pistons fans over the last few years, they’ll certainly tell you.

And finally, now with the Celtics addition of Wallace, one can only hope that the C’s will pull off some Christmas carols, much like a few Pistons did last year. Needless to say, James Lord Pierpont’s original version of this song has undertaken a little bit of a facelift, thanks to ‘Sheed.

With all of that said–Welcome to Boston (and LEEInks), Rasheed Wallace!

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