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Why we love football

10.02.09 at 9:03 pm ET

Why do we love football? Is it the team aspect of the sport, the fact that all 11 men must work together to be successful? Perhaps it’s the gladiator mindset that players have when they take the field. Could it be the physicality of the game?

Or maybe it’s how the game lends itself to last-minute heroics such as this:

Of course, when it comes to the Patriots, “In Bill, we trust,” but maybe Belichick kept the wrong player.

Greg Lewis‘ catch sparked some discussion about other phenomenal “circus catches” made in football. With only three weeks gone by, the NFL season still has plenty of time to offer up more sweet catches, though Lewis’ will be difficult to top.

Some research revealed some other memorable catches made in football, at all levels.

This catch, from Oregon State’s Jordan Bishop in his team’s 23-21 victory over UNLV on Sept. 12, is great because it involves two of the best facets of football. It was a great hit by the defensive back and a great catch by Bishop. He shows fantastic concentration in fulfilling that old adage: “You’re going to get hit, you might as well catch the ball.”

How about this catch by Morgan State’s Edwin Baptiste last season?

You have to love this. The player lays out completely for the ball, with no regard for his body. It’s a great catch, but perhaps if the player hadn’t cut his route short he could have made the catch in stride.

To be fair, awesome catches aren’t limited to pro and college football. These stars have to start somewhere.

Football allows us to escape, if ever so briefly, and enjoy watching the performance of elite athletes. These catches and plays confirm and renew our love for the sport and give us one more thing to talk about as we await the next game.