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LEEInks list: When fans and refs clash

05.20.10 at 6:53 am ET

After the incident between NBA referee Joe DeRosa and an Orlando Magic fan Tuesday night, thoughts of past scuffles between the two sides of the law came to mind. Tuesday’s confrontation actually was tame, despite DeRosa’s overreaction. We’ve unearthed video of 10 disputes that were a bit more dangerous ‘€” and funny ‘€” including a few with Boston connections. Take a look.

10. Fighting father

Punches weren’t only thrown between the opposing fighters in this 2009 match between European Union super lightweight champion Giuseppe Lauri of Italy and Juho Tolppola of Finland in Helsinki. Tolppola’s father decided to take matters into his own hands. I’m guessing he hired someone to teach his son to jab, because dad’s moves were a bit stale.

9. Hail Mary headache

On Dec. 28, 1975, in an NFC playoff game, Roger Staubach threw his famous Hail Mary touchdown pass to Drew Pearson, who appeared to push off before catching the winning score. A Vikings fan created a stir by throwing a half-full whiskey bottle onto the field and hitting field judge Armen Terzian in the head, knocking him out briefly.

8. Philadelphia’s finest

On Dec. 10, 1989, in a game dubbed “Bounty Bowl II” at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, fans threw snowballs and chunks of ice at Cowboys players and game officials. Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson had made accusations that the Eagles targeted and attempted to injure kicker Luis Zendejas in the team’s first meeting that season, and he chastised Eagles coach Buddy Ryan. That was all Philadelphia fans needed to set them off. You can’t see it on the video, but back judge Al Jury reportedly was knocked to the ground by a barrage of snowballs.

7. Referee’s revenge

While it may have seemed like a good idea at first, this soccer fan learned rather quickly why messing with referees can be a bad idea. The flying leg kick didn’t help his cause, and he probably has a little more respect for the officials after the beating he took.

6. Swing and a miss

Apparently a red card means a lot more to some fans than it does the players, as this guy storms after the referee intending to inflict some pain. He may want to hop on the treadmill before he begins galloping across the field again.

5. Scrummy thing to do

Apparently the sport of rugby isn’t vicious enough, so it needs this rotund reveler to jump in and join the scrum. Luckily, he wasn’t there long enough to cause any serious damage.

4. Side swipe

This fan of soccer club SL Benfica takes a cheap shot, hitting an unsuspecting sideline official from behind.

3. Skating free

The old Boston Garden had its share of rowdy fans. I hope this fan got some ice after this crunching check into the boards, because that most definitely will leave a mark. The Bruins players stand in amazement as both refs prove more than capable of handling this fleet-footed fool.

2. Not PC at PC

Having a brother on the team doesn’t warrant walking onto the basketball court during the game to discuss a call, as was the case during this contest, on Jan. 17, 2009, at Providence College. You have to be impressed with the gall to do that on a televised game, though.

1. Triple crowned

Game 5 of the 1976 NBA finals between the Celtics and Suns is remembered as one of the best games every played. At the end of the second overtime, referee Richie Powers got in a wrestling match with a fan who rushed the court thinking the game was over after John Havlicek put the Celtics ahead (skip to the 9-minute mark). After order was restored, the Suns hit a miracle shot to force a third overtime before the Celtics finally won.