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A message from WEEI’s program director: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’

08.11.10 at 5:09 pm ET

From Jason Wolfe, WEEI program director

Glad to see the Herald and now the Globe correct their mistakes with regard to their recent stories about WEEI’€™s ratings. I know they’€™re going to write a lot about sports radio and its ratings, and they should, because Boston is a sports cr…azy town! Just be accurate about it.

If they mess it up again, does anybody think I can pull off Nicholson in A Few Good Men? “You can’t handle the truth!”

Excerpt from Boston Globe, August 10, 2010: Clarification: In a Page One story in yesterday’€™s paper about WEEI and WBZ-FM, a reference to ‘€œProvidence listeners’€™’€™ being included in WEEI’€™s ratings should have made clear that it meant Boston-area listeners who tune in to WEEI’€™s Providence affiliate (103.7 FM). Arbitron does include those listeners in measuring total audience share for the Boston market, and using those numbers WEEI finished first with an 8.3 share.

Here is the direct link to the Globe correction.

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