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Tweets of the Week: Brett Favre front and center

10.15.10 at 8:49 am ET

This is the first edition of Tweets of the Week, where we’ll highlight the events of the past seven days with the funniest and most interesting tweets.

With a week full of drama and intrigue, from Brett Favre‘s alleged sexual harassment to a questionable report of a Tom BradyRandy Moss feud and Deion Branch‘s return to New England, those in the Twitter world were busy this week weighing in with their reactions. Even the Columbus Day holiday elicited some interesting responses.

Brett Favre

The Vikings quarterback had quite the brutal week. From allegations that he sent naughty text messages to Jets TV host Jenn Sterger to losing on Monday Night Football and his lingering elbow tendinitis, this is a week Favre will want to forget.

JPosnanski Joe Posnanski: This lightning delay can only mean one thing: God has not heard enough about Randy Moss and Brett Favre yet.

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons: Jaws: ‘€œThey’€™re reeling right now from Brett Favre’€™s assault.’€ This game might break the all-time double entendre record.

kirkmin Kirk Minihane: To be fair, this is the best game I can recall a QB playing four days after pictures of his genitals were shown on Deadspin.

rainnwilson Rainn Wilson: Brett Favre texted me explicit pictures of his enormous ego.

Tom Brady, Deion Branch, Randy Moss

While Favre took a beating in the twitter world, Branch, Moss and Brady received a more mixed reaction.

BlkSportsOnline Robert Littal: Randy Moss = 3rd rd pick .. Deion Branch = 4th rd pick ?? That is like saying Jay Z = 3rd rd pick & Waka Flacka = 4th rd pick

rpattersonlaw Richard Patterson Jr: Hey, We’ve Won Super Bowls with him (and He Doesn’t Make Fun of Tom’s Hair): Brady: It’s good to have Deion Branch back

rkwittem Ryan Witteman: “@justinbieber Hey save the Brady-dissing for the guys who can at least claim to be top-5 five in their field.”

As of now it seems like Brady will keep the hair, despite what Moss and Justin Bieber may have said or rapped about it.

NFL selections

No list could be complete without reactions to Sunday’s slate of football games. And with some truly ugly performances, plus Terrell Owens tweeting away, it was hard to select the best ones.

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons: And [Jake] Delhomme and [Kerry] Collins are next and neck…but here comes Carson Palmer! And it’s Carson Palmer by a nose! He’s the worst QB of the day!”

kirkmin Kirk Minihane: “I just knew someday there would be a blockbuster story involving Charley Casserly and hair.”

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons: “I’m still reeling from the “We want [David] Carr!” chant. I mean, just throw your own feces at that point. What’s the difference?”

OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco: remember the fun Chad that sent opponents pepto bismol, degree deodarant, copies of my book I CAN’T BE STOPPED,Falcons got a fed ex comin.

terrellowens Terrell Owens: A lucky fan wearing my jersey 2day will get a signed football by Me & Ocho Cinco! My asst will pick U out!! Good luck!

Why did T.O.’s tweet make it? The tweet was sent within 90 minutes of kickoff Sunday and Owens faced a possible $25,000 fine. What happens when Owens tweets something a little more vicious?

Then there were the tweets that were just so outlandish that we had to include them.

FakeMTA FakeMTA: In honor of Columbus Day, all trains will be taking you someplace other than you thought you were going.

ConanOBrien Conan O’€™Brien: After 9 hours driving from drug store to drug store, it hit me: no one sells Columbus Day decorations.

Pflanns Paul Flannery: If there was a Rosetta Stone for cursing, [Kevin Garnett] would be the perfect tutor for Semih [Erden].

MLB_Umpires MLB_Umpires: We expand the strike zone for Brian Wilson because the beard calls for it. #Braves #Giants #Postseason

BostonTweet BostonTweet: Freshmen elephants marching in orderly fashion to afternoon class at MIT.

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