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Report: Health officials seek to ban smokeless tobacco at Fenway Park

03.31.11 at 8:59 am ET

According to the Boston Herald, Red Sox manager Terry Francona may finally get the help he needs with kicking his chewing tobacco habit, as local health officials look to have all tobacco products banned from Major League Baseball games and ballparks.

While Fenway has already banned smoking within the park, the Boston Public Health Comission and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are looking to ban chew as well.

‘€œI understand this issue as a former smoker, but I also feel like we all have roles to play as we’€™re adults, and making sure that we’€™re not modeling unhealthy behaviors is something we can all do and do easily,’€ said Barbara Ferrer, director of the Boston Public Health Commission. ‘€œThis would be another opportunity for our sports heroes to be heroes and really put out that very important image.’€

Ferrer is looking to raise awareness of the issue and have it addressed during contract negotiations for the 2012 collective bargaining agreement.

Currently tobacco has already been outlawed in baseball’€™s minor leagues, the NCAA and the National Hockey League.

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