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Pacers’ Danny Granger calls Bulls’ Joakim Noah ‘cowardly’

04.27.11 at 10:53 am ET

Pacers forward Danny Granger was not happy with Bulls big man Joakim Noah following Tuesday night’s Chicago victory that eliminated Indianapolis in their opening-round series.

“He pulled a cowardly move,” said Granger, who tried to get at Noah after the game but was intercepted by Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “He cheap-shotted a couple of my teammates, and one gets thrown out.”

Added Granger: “The refs never catch what he did. … It’s cowardly. And I’m going to say something about it. I wanted to say something about it all the way to the game was over. I just don’t think the game should be played that way. You can play hard and fight and battle, but when you start cheap-shotting people, it gets out of hand.”

Josh McRoberts was the Pacers player who was ejected, but he played down the incident.

“I’m not mad about it,” he said. “He got a good hit on me. They caught me trying to hit him back. It’s part of the game. I’m not going to say it’s dirty. That’s Game 5 of a playoff series. You can’t say it’s dirty, it’s part of basketball.”

Noah didn’t get upset when informed of Granger’s comments. “I wasn’t dirtier than anyone else,” he said. “It was a battle down there. I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. I was just trying to win.”

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