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Yankees catcher Russell Martin rips umpire Laz Diaz

05.31.12 at 1:59 pm ET

Yankees catcher Russell Martin called out home plate umpire Laz Diaz following his team’s 6-5 victory over the Angels on Wednesday night, claiming the umpire wouldn’t allow him to throw new baseballs back to his pitchers after foul balls.

Martin said that it was Diaz’s idea of punishing him for arguing balls and strikes earlier in the game.

“Laz Diaz is a d—. Write it hard,” Martin shouted shortly after the game.

“He said that it was a privilege that I had to earn, for me to throw the ball back,” Martin said. “That’s never happened to me before. I even told him, because there’s guys on base, I like to keep my arm loose. Nope. ‘I’m not letting you throw the ball back.’ That’s pretty strange, to me. That’s a good story, huh?”

Martin said he and Diaz had no history with one another. Diaz was unavailable for comment following the game.

“I think it happened in the second inning or something,” Martin said. “And then even at the end of the game, after I got hit in the neck, I’m like, ‘Can I throw the ball back now?’ He’s like, still, no. I’m like, ‘You’re such a d—. You’re a d—, dude. Like, for real. Unbelievable.’ “

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