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Jets’ Darrelle Revis says he will return to ‘doing what I do best’ after ACL surgery

10.15.12 at 1:21 pm ET

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis made his first public comments since his Sept. 23 injury and said he was confident he would return as a dominant player after recovering from ACL surgery that is scheduled for Wednesday.

Revis was injured with four minutes left in the third quarter of the Jets’€™ 23-20 overtime win in Miami on Sept. 23. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Revis said “there’€™s no question that I [will] be back to where I was in the previous years of performing and doing what I do best.”

Added Revis: ‘€œIf everything goes right and I do everything right with this procedure and this process for the next four to six months, yeah. ‘€¦ I’€™m a confident player. I never had an injury like this. This is all new for me as well. But, yeah, I’€™m a hard worker. I know I’€™m going to work my butt off and get back to where I need to be.’€

Revis consulted with other NFL players who have returned from ACL injuries including Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and teammate Antonio Cromartie. Revis has been doing exercises to strengthen the muscles around the ACL already. His return timetable is six to nine months.

‘€œI just want to get back as fast as possible where I feel comfortable [to go] out there and play like I usually do,’€ Revis said. ‘€œI think that’€™s the biggest goal. If I don’€™t feel ready ‘€¦ time will tell. We really don’€™t know. As soon as I feel 100 percent, I’€™ll be ready to go whether that’€™s January, February, March ‘€¦ it doesn’€™t matter.’€

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