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Rex Ryan: Jets’ anonymous comments about Tim Tebow ‘a cowardly thing’

11.14.12 at 7:32 pm ET

Rex Ryan addressed the Jets about a critical article that was published in Wednesday’s New York Daily News in which an anonymous player called Tim Tebow ‘€œterrible’€ and other unidentified players criticized the backup quarterback.

Ryan said he spoke to his team about the nameless comments made to the newspaper.

‘€œIf you’€™re going to make a negative comment, that’€™s fine,’€ Ryan said. ‘€œWe never say that it always has to be a bed of roses. But again, put your name to it. I think people will respect you a lot more.”

Added Ryan: ‘€œBecause I think it’€™s a cowardly thing. If you’€™re not going to put your name to it, I think that’€™s about as cowardly of a thing as there is.”

The 3-6 Jets have lost three straight, but Ryan is hopeful that incidents like this could bring stability to New York.

‘€œI think this team is coming together,’€ Ryan said. ‘€œCould this galvanize it? I don’€™t know. Maybe so. This team, in my opinion, is not going to be pulled apart by outside people. I think inside the walls we are going to [close]. That’€™s what’€™s going to give us an opportunity. If I’€™m wrong on that, obviously that’€™s going to be a different issue. I don’€™t believe that. I believe this team is coming together. We’€™ll see if there’€™s no cracks in the armor or whatever, we’€™ll find that out. Maybe we’€™re not there right now, but I believe we will be.’€

Ryan again made it clear that Tebow was brought in to be a backup.

‘€œTim Tebow came here to be the backup quarterback,’€ Ryan said. ‘€œWe never brought him in here, to be the starting quarterback. We already had a starting quarterback in Mark Sanchez. I thought I was clear on that from the day we brought Tim in here. But what we were also clear on is that he’€™s a football player and we’€™re going to use him in different roles.’€

Jets guard Matt Slauson went on the record in the article stating that Sanchez far outplayed Tebow, and Ryan wasn’€™t upset with Slauson.

‘€œI have no problem with Matt Slauson because he put his name on it,’€ Ryan said. ‘€œI don’€™t agree with everything Matt said. I agree with the fact that we have a starting quarterback. And we’€™re confident in — and Matt’€™s obviously confident in — Mark Sanchez.’€

This will make things interesting as the Jets head to St. Louis to take on the Rams this Sunday.

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