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Jets owner Woody Johnson: ‘We’re not happy with 3-6′

11.16.12 at 11:17 am ET

Jets owner Woody Johnson is not happy with his team’€™s performance this season.

The Jets are just 3-6 and are coming off a dreary 28-7 loss against the Seahawks last Sunday.

“The record says what’s going on,” Johnson said Thursday. “We’re a 3-6 team. Are we happy? Are they happy? Are the players happy? I know the fans aren’t happy. The answer is no. We’re not happy. We’re not happy with 3-6.”

There has been speculation that Johnson was the key behind the offseason acquisition of Tim Tebow in an effort to get more interest in his team. Johnson said coach Rex Ryan, general manager Mike Tannenbaum, and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano made the decision to bring Tebow to the Jets.

‘€œThis, I really want to clear up,’€ Johnson said. ‘€œ[The media has] been accusing me of this phony story of me being more concerned with [personal seat licenses] or cash or something else. Listen, my job 1, 2 and 3 is to win games. That’€™s why I got into football to begin with — to win games. … That’€™s what my passion is. That’€™s what I want to do. That’€™s why I’€™m spending all this time in this organization. It’€™s not to sell PSLs or to sell hot dogs.’€

Johnson would not speak about any decisions regarding the future of Ryan or Tannenbaum, saying he does not address staffing decisions during the season.

“I didn’t sign up for a 3-6 season,” he said. “We haven’t had one of these in a while. I’m not happy about it, yet I am optimistic that some of these things can be corrected.”

The Jets will try to correct it Sunday when they take on the 3-5-1 Rams in St. Louis.

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