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Former LAPD officer suspected of murders has advice for Tim Tebow

02.08.13 at 2:02 pm ET

Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles police officer who is suspected of killing three people and wounding two others this week, released a bizarre Facebook manifesto this week that, for some reason, included an address to Tim Tebow.

The note read:

“Tebow, I really wanted to see you take charge of an offense again and the game. You are not a good QB by todays standards, but you are a great football player who knows how to lead a team and WIN. You will be ‘Tebowing’ when you reach your next team. I have faith in you. Get out of that circus they call the Jets and away from the reality TV star, Rex Ryan, and Mark Rapist Sanchez.”

Dorner mentioned several other celebrities in his message, also referencing Ellen DeGeneres and Charlie Sheen, among others. He is suspected of shooting and killing Monica Quan, an assistant coach for the Cal State-Fullerton women’s basketball team, on Saturday, and of shooting three police officers.

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