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President Barack Obama picks Indiana over Louisville in NCAA tournament

03.20.13 at 12:32 pm ET

President Barack Obama is taking a relatively safe approach to his March Madness picks, choosing Indiana to top Louisville in the title game.

In addition to those two No. 1 seeds, Obama picked second-seeded Ohio State and third-seeded Florida to fill out his Final Four.

“I’m going with Louisville. I know it’s not a surprise pick,” the president told ESPN’s Andy Katz as he wrote in his picks on a board at the White House. “And I’m going with Indiana. These are the two best teams right now. And for the championship I’m going back to the Big Ten. I think this is Indiana’s year.”

Obama picked half of last year’s Final Four correctly, choosing Ohio State and Kentucky, but North Carolina, his choice for the national title, lost in the Elite Eight.

Obama also filled out a bracket for the women’s tournament, which will be revealed in its entirety Friday. His Final Four picks on the women’s side are Baylor, UConn, Notre Dame and California.

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