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Two Broncos executives face DUI charges

07.10.13 at 11:33 am ET

The Broncos recognized a ‘€œdisturbing pattern of irresponsible behavior’€ Tuesday as two team executives face charges for driving under the influence in the past month.

Tom Heckert, who was hired as the director of pro personnel on May 7, was arrested on June 11 for driving under the influence and careless driving. This past weekend, director of player personnel Matt Russell was detained for suspicion of driving under the influence. Russell reportedly crashed into two vehicles, including a Breckenridge police SUV Saturday that resulted in an injury to an police officer.

“One member of the Broncos arrested for driving under the influence is one too many. This type of behavior puts innocent people at risk and cannot be tolerated,” the Broncos said in a statement. “While our team and league supply plenty of resources to prevent these situations, it is clear we need to do better. We are thoroughly reviewing the procedures we have in place and will do whatever it takes to enhance their effectiveness going forward.”

According to ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter, the Broncos will likely suspend Russell and Heckert. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that he wants to stiffen penalties for first-offense drunken driving cases. These penalties could include fines, suspensions, or even banishment from the NFL.

Heckert, who has served as general manager of the Eagles and Browns in his NFL career, is entering his 23rd year in the league. The Broncos hired Russell in 2009 to oversee the team’s college scouting department.

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