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Richie Incognito rips Jonathan Martin on Twitter, says Martin considered suicide

02.12.14 at 4:03 pm ET

Richie Incognito hadn’t said a whole lot while the NFL was investigating what happened between him and former Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin. The findings of that investigation haven’t been made public yet, but Incognito took to Twitter to break his silence on Wednesday.


Zuckerman is Martin’s agent.




That last tweet is sure to create the biggest stir. Regardless of what happened between the two, or whether Martin’s bullying allegations were fair, tweeting about someone being suicidal probably crosses the line, especially since Martin has never talked about it himself.

You may remember that back in November, Deadspin had the story about a poster on a Dolphins message board who made numerous posts saying Martin had considered killing himself. With the help of another poster from that message board, Deadspin showed that it was almost certainly Incognito’s father making those posts about Martin.