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Former MLB player Luke Scott fired from Korean team after confrontation with coach

07.16.14 at 9:11 am ET

Luke Scott, who tormented the Red Sox on and off the field as a member of the Orioles and Rays, was fired from his Korean Baseball League team Wednesday after showing “disrespectful” behavior toward his coach.

According to reports out of Korea, Scott, who was playing for SK Wyverns, had been placed on reserve due to plantar fasciitis and was not pleased with how the team was managing his injury. After an argument with coach Lee Man-soon in which Scott called the coach a “liar” and “coward,” Scott told reporters the team did not respect his way of handling his physical condition.

Scott, 36, had a .267 batting average and six home runs in 33 games for Wyverns, and he was on the injury list three times.

The dispute raised questions about the cultural differences between Korea and the United States. Lotte Giants pitcher Shane Youman, another former major leaguer, said players should be allowed to speak their minds, although he avoided directly commenting on the Scott incident.

“I’m all for players expressing their feelings towards certain situations if they believe they have a right to. Not just foreign players, but Korean players as well,” Youman said (via the Korea Times). “Baseball has such a long season. Players and coaches are around each other all the time. Things will not always go smoothly. There may be arguments, or mix-ups here and there. At the end of the day, we all know who has the authority, but we are all men, and should be treated and respected as men.”

Scott played nine seasons in the majors, including three seasons with the Orioles (2008-11) followed by two with the Rays. He was best known in Boston for saying Fenway Park should be replaced and calling Red Sox fans “vulgar” troublemakers. He has been in the middle of multiple brouhahas with the team.

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