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Anti-violence group says Ray Rice deserves another chance to play in NFL 07.27.15 at 10:28 am ET
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The co-founders of A Call to Men, an organization that strives for men to end violence against women, are backing former Ravens running back Ray Rice in his attempted return to the NFL.

Tony Porter and Ted Bunch, the co-founders of A Call to Men, have worked with Rice since November and believe he is ready to return to the league.

“We have been around a lot of abusive men, but our experience with Ray has been tremendously positive,” Porter told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “We feel strongly about him having the opportunity of having a second chance. He’s deserving of it.”

Rice has become a symbol of domestic abuse over the last year since the video of him dragging his beaten wife out of a hotel elevator was released last February. However, over the past nine months, Rice has spoken at his alma maters, Rutgers and New Rochelle High School, describing the positive manner in which he has learned from his mistakes and refocused his life.

“He’s held himself accountable,” Bunch said. “He is saying everything that you would want him to say and doing everything that you would want him to do. So why wouldn’t he deserve another chance? His work in the area of educating young men is more important than him getting back on the field. He knows that and has said that to us. He is seeing the bigger picture. He has a desire to compete again, but also to make a difference in the world.

“This is what mistakes should be about: learning from them and teaching others. We’ve been in front of a lot of batterers. He is as transparent as I’ve seen, and as sincere as I’ve seen.”

Though multiple teams reportedly have inquired about Rice, none have stepped up to sign him since he was cut by the Ravens last September. Between his noted domestic violence charges and his 3.1 yards per carry in 2013, teams have been wary of Rice’s baggage. However, Porter believes Rice is in better shape, both physically and mentally, and he is ready to rejoin the NFL.

“We’ll catch flak for this,” Porter said. “A lot of people think we should kick him to the curb and his name should be mud forever. But how great would it be if everyone who made a mistake made it their mission to make sure a million people don’t make the same mistake? To use the influence that he has, what a great way to correct that wrong. And that’s what Ray has committed himself to doing. His intentions are real, his heart is pure, and we’re going to help him to move forward so he can have a positive impact on the next generation of manhood.”

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Ray Rice issues apology to Baltimore: ‘There is no excuse for domestic violence’ 02.13.15 at 9:42 am ET
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Ray Rice issued a statement to the Baltimore Sun in which he apologized to the city of Baltimore and Ravens fans. Rice was suspended last season following the emergence of a video that showed him punching his then-fiancee, now wife Janay Rice (nee Palmer) in a casino elevator.

“Dear Baltimore,” he wrote. “This is not a farewell or goodbye. The last seven years that my family and I have spent in Baltimore have by far been the best of our lives. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown my family and I throughout my football career. We’ll always be grateful for the love we’ve received from all of our fans and supporters, and for winning a Super Bowl.

“To all the kids who looked up to me,” Rice continued, “I’m truly sorry for letting you down, but I hope it’s helped you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare. There is no excuse for domestic violence, and I apologize for the horrible mistake I made. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by raising awareness of this issue.

“I love you all very much,” he added after thanking the Ravens organization, owner Steve Bisciotti, general manager Ozzie Newsome and coach John Harbaugh. “I’ll always be proud to say I played for the Baltimore Ravens. Thank you.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell had originally suspended Rice two games for the incident, but revised the suspension when he saw the video, extending it to indefinitely. Rice appealed the suspension, won, and was reinstated into the league in November.

He plans to move to New York, his home state, and hopes to relaunch his NFL career. Rice has not yet signed with a team.

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Ravens CB Aaron Ross to miss entire season with torn Achilles 07.24.14 at 1:47 pm ET
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Ravens cornerback Aaron Ross‘€™ season was over before it could ever really start.

The 31-year-old tore his Achilles tendon while taking part in Baltimore’€™s conditioning test Thursday and will miss the entire 2014 season.

Ross, who won two Super Bowls with the Giants, signed a deal with the Ravens last month and was expected to compete for the team’€™s nickel corner spot during camp.

In seven NFL seasons, Ross has recorded 250 total tackles, 11 interceptions and 41 passes defended. He was selected by the Giants in the first round (20th overall) of the 2007 NFL draft out of the University of Texas.

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Report: Ravens RB Ray Rice suspended 2 games at 1:39 pm ET
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The NFL finally has come down with a decision on Ravens running back Ray Rice, suspending him for the first two games of regular season due to his offseason arrest on an assault charge, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Sources told Schefter that the suspension — which likely will be announced by the league Thursday — will begin Aug. 30 and will last until Sept. 12, the day after Baltimore plays the Steelers in the second game of the season. Rice will be fined $58,000 dollars and will be asked to take part in counseling.

This past February, Rice allegedly hit his then-fiancee while in an elevator at a casino in Atlantic City, N.J. TMZ later acquired video that shows Rice lifting his unconscious fiancee out of the elevator — a video that Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome admitted “doesn’t look good.”

Rice later pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault and was able to avoid a trial by agreeing to enter a pretrial intervention program in May.

It’s been a turbulent last few months for Baltimore, as Rice was one of five players on the Ravens roster to be arrested during the offseason.

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Report: Ravens’ Ray Rice could face 4-6 game suspension for alleged assualt 06.17.14 at 8:55 am ET
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Ravens running back Ray Rice may be suspended 4-6 games by the NFL for allegedly assaulting his then-fiance in February at a hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reported via Twitter Monday.

Rice was indicted by a grand jury in March when police said video showed him knocking Janay Palmer unconscious at the Revel Casino and Hotel. According to the police report, Palmer was then dragged out of the elevator and both she and Rice were charged in the incident.

Rice, 27, could have the charges dropped if he completes a pretrial intervention program.

The Baltimore Sun reported in May that the Ravens are prepared for a multi-game ban. Ravens team president Dick Cass told the Sun that Rice likely will meet with commissioner Roger Goodell in the future to discuss his potential suspension. ESPN reported that Rice met with Goodell on Monday.

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Ravens RB Ray Rice gets approved for court program; may have charges dismissed 05.21.14 at 11:15 am ET
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Ravens running back Ray Rice was given initial approval Tuesday to enter a court program that may lead to the dismissal of an assault charge against him in New Jersey.

Atlantic Country acting prosecutor Jim McClain said the decision was made after his office “considered all relevant information.”

Rice faces aggravated assault charges following a Feb. 15 incident with then-girlfriend Janay Palmer, whom he married a day after his indictment, in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

This court intervention program allows first-time offenders who participate in it and meet certain conditions to have their charges dismissed if given final approval by a judge to enter the program.

Rice could face 3-5 years in prison if convicted of the charge.

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Ravens plan to build Ray Lewis statue 02.08.13 at 8:42 am ET
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Less than a week after his final game, the Ravens are planning to build a statue of Ray Lewis, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said Thursday.

Bisciotti said he doesn’t know where the statue would be built, but that it could be in progress soon.

“I think he set himself apart in Baltimore sports history,” Bisciotti said, “and we will certainly look into it and I would not be surprised if there is one there in the next year or two.”

Lewis, a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year and a 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker, has no plans to come back as part of the coaching staff, according to Baltimore coach John Harbaugh.

“I have asked him, but he’s not interested,” Harbaugh said.

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Ray Lewis again denies PED use, calls Sports Illustrated report a ‘funny’ story 01.30.13 at 2:12 pm ET
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Ray Lewis called Mitch Ross, the co-owner of Sports With Alternatives to Steroids who said he gave Lewis performance-enhancing drugs, a “coward” with “no credibility” on Wednesday.

Lewis, in New Orleans for Sunday’s Super Bowl, also said he was “agitated” over the Sports Illustrated report that he used treatments including deer-antler spray, which contains a substance (IGF-1) banned by the NFL, to recover from a triceps injury earlier this season.

“Our world is a very secret society,” Lewis said of the NFL. “We try to protect our world as much as we can. When you let cowards come in and do things like that, to try to disturb something, I’ve said it before and I’ve said a million times, the reason why I’m smiling is because it’s so funny of a story.

“I’ve never, ever took what he says I was supposed to do. It’s just sad that someone can have this much attention on a stage this big where the dreams are really real. I don’t need it, my teammates don’t need it, the 49ers don’t need it. Nobody needs it because it just really shows you that people really plan things and try to attack people from the outside. It’s just very foolish. The guy has no credibility. He’s been sued four or five times over this same B.S. I just truly believe he doesn’t have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again.”

Lewis missed 10 games with the triceps injury and reportedly used a number of SWATS treatments, including the deer-antler spray, to speed his recovery. Ross told ESPN Radio last week that Lewis “used every product I had” and is only denying it because he may be “scared of [Roger] Goodell.”

However, a professor at Johns Hopkins University told The Baltimore Sun that, despite SWATS’ claims, there isn’t an acceptable scientific way that IGF-1 can be delivered orally.

“If there were, a lot of people would be happy that they don’t need to get shots anymore,” Dr. Roberto Salvatori told the Sun. “It’s just simply not possible for it to come from a spray.”

Despite his demeanor at the press conference, Lewis maintained, that he wasn’t angry about the report — in fact, that he’s never angry — because he is “too blessed to be stressed.”

“You can use a different word,” he said. “You can use the word agitated, because I’m here to win the Super Bowl. I’m not here to entertain somebody that doesn’t affect that one way or another. The word agitated is probably better.”

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Report: Ravens LB Ray Lewis could return as soon as Week 15 11.26.12 at 1:20 pm ET
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The Ravens could be in for a major boost at the end of the regular season with the return of linebacker Ray Lewis, Yahoo! Sports reports.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports that Lewis, who tore his triceps in mid-October, could return as soon as Week 15 when the Ravens take on the Broncos.

“At the end of the day, you’re going to see Ray Lewis again,” said veteran linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, whose been filling Lewis’€™ role since the injury. “For the greatest player in Ravens history to be able to return from this injury and come on this championship run with us? When he was said to be down and out? Man, that’s critical mass. When he comes through that tunnel, that’s going to be be the earthquake and the tsunami.”

Lewis, who was placed on the injured reserve-designated to return list, could practice as soon as he’€™s eligible this Thursday, according to Yahoo! As long as there are no setbacks, it is almost certain that Lewis will return sometime in the next month.

‘€œI would say it’s possible,’€ Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. ‘€œWe can’t put Ray out there until he’s ready to win those battles. But if it can be done, yes, we want to do it.”

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Ravens’ Terrell Suggs returns to practice; Ray Lewis ‘designated to return’ 10.17.12 at 5:10 pm ET
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The Ravens lost two star defensive players this week, but last year’€™s NFL Defensive Player of the Year might be back on the field before the season is over.

Terrell Suggs practiced for the Ravens on Wednesday for the first time since he tore his right Achilles tendon last season. Suggs was not 100 percent and was still favoring his right  leg, so the Ravens are cautiously optimistic.

“To what extent, to what he’s able to do, I think we should temper our expectations a little bit,” coach John Harbaugh said. “He’s coming off a very serious injury. I think he’s worked really hard. He’s done a great job with the rehab, he’s followed protocol. He had no setbacks throughout the course of the whole deal.”

Ray Lewis, the emotional leader of the defense, has been ruled out for the year by Harbaugh, but he was placed on the injured reserve with the “designated to return” tag. The 37-year-old linebacker could return to practice after six weeks, but reports indicate he is not likely to be ready by that time.

The Ravens activated linebacker Josh Bynes from their practice squad to fill Lewis’€™ position.

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