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Titans owner Bud Adams: Entire organization to be ‘closely evaluated’ 11.05.12 at 1:32 pm ET
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After the Titans’ discouraging 51-20 loss to the Bears, owner Bud Adams has put the Titans franchise on notice.

Adams was so upset during the game Sunday that he left at the end of the third quarter.

‘€œIn my 50 years of owning an NFL franchise, I am at a loss to recall a regular-season home game that was such a disappointment for myself and fans of the Titans,’€ Adams said. ‘€œWe were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish today.

Adams said he would make changes to improve performance if necessary.

‘€œAt this time, all aspects of the organization will be closely evaluated, including front office, coaches and players over the next seven games,” Adams said. “If performance and competitiveness does not improve, I will look at all alternatives to get back to having the Titans become a playoff and championship football team.’€

Coach Mike Munchak stepped up and took responsibility for the team’€™s shortcoming.

‘€œIf a team underperforms, I’€™m the first guy you should look at for that, not anybody else, not assistant coaches, it starts with me,’€ Munchak said. ‘€œIf we don’€™t finish this season the way it should, then what needs to happen will happen. Sure it starts with me, I’€™m the head coach.”

The Titans are 3-6 and head to Miami to take on the 4-4 Dolphins on Sunday.

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