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Reports: Browns, Jets, Broncos among possible destinations for 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick 03.11.16 at 12:15 pm ET
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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been the subject of trade talks all week. While there are several potential suitors for the 28-year old, his destination remains unknown.

A report Friday morning indicated that Kaepernick wants to be traded to the Browns to play for new coach Hue Jackson. The team officially released troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel on Friday morning, and have reportedly been in talks with the 49ers on a possible deal. Sources say the Browns have been one of the most aggressive teams on the trade front for Kaepernick.

On Thursday, reports came out indicating that the Jets were interested in Kaepernick’s services and had been asking about a possible trade. New York reportedly has not shown any progress on a possible deal with free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

If the team does not give into Fitzpatrick’s contract desires, the remaining options at the quarterback positions would be limited to Geno Smith and youngster Bryce Petty. Needless to say, the Jets will be in the market for a new quarterback, whether it be through free agency, a trade or the NFL draft.

Another team that is considered a contender for Kaepernick is the Broncos. After Peyton Manning’s retirement and Brock Osweiler’s signing with the Texans, the team is forced to find a competent starter elsewhere. Despite the dire need at the position, the Broncos reportedly have been “slow-playing” their approach to acquiring Kaepernick thus far.

While a deal with one of these teams is likely, nothing is considered imminent at the moment.

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Browns LT Joe Thomas: ‘Sad end to the story’ for Johnny Manziel 02.12.16 at 11:10 am ET
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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

While Johnny Manziel had doubters in Cleveland from the day he was drafted, Browns left tackle Joe Thomas was one of those who believed the former Heisman Trophy winner could be successful in the NFL. Manziel’s most recent off-field issues apparently will cost the QB his roster spot with the team.

“Obviously we hoped Cleveland was going to be where he became that starting NFL quarterback and was the starter in Cleveland for a long time, but it didn’t work out for a lot of reasons,” Thomas told reporters. “I’m sure he’d say that a lot of them were his own fault. So hopefully he’ll get his life on track and be able to use those talents at some point here in his career.”

When he first arrived in Cleveland, Thomas quickly took a liking to Manziel both on and off the field. Needless to say, the way Manziel’s Browns career will end is not how Thomas envisioned it.

“It’s a sad end to the story in Cleveland for Johnny,” Thomas said. “He’s a guy that personally I like. I believe he has a lot of talent. He’s got the talent to be an NFL quarterback, but it obviously hasn’t worked out so far.”

The story that most recently has haunted Manziel is an alleged domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, which is under investigation by Dallas police. Many have voiced strong concern for the quarterback’s mental health and well-being, including Manziel’s own father.

“It’s just a sad turn of events right now,” Thomas said. “It’s hard to really say too much about allegations because plenty of innocent people get accused of things all the time, so you don’t really know exactly what happened and obviously I wasn’t there so I don’t have a first-hand experience to go off of. … But whatever he’s dealing with, I hope that he’s able to get that under control and get things straightened out, and hopefully if football’s important to him, be able to put everything he has in his life into football.”

In order to have any chance in the league, Manziel will need to prove he has changed off the field.

“I hope that he has success with that, but obviously the other things that are going on in his life are more important right now,” Thomas said. “He needs to get those things solved and straightened out before he wants to make a comeback in football.”

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Police: Johnny Manziel allegedly struck girlfriend, threatened to kill them both 02.05.16 at 8:48 am ET
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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is in the midst of yet another off-field controversy this week. According to a police report released Thursday, Manziel allegedly struck his girlfriend several times during a dispute at a downtown Dallas hotel on Saturday.

The report goes on to say that Manziel and his ex-girlfriend then left the hotel, and he drove them to her apartment in Fort Worth. In his ex-girlfriend’s testimony, she says that she and Manziel were screaming angrily back and forth during the drive, which followed with him striking her several more times.

ABC affiliate WFAA talked to several unnamed sources regarding the case, one of whom says Manziel told his ex-girlfriend, “Shut up or I’ll kill us both,” after they were in the car. She also alleged that Manziel acted “as if he were on some kind of drugs.”

When reached for a comment by TMZ Sports, Manziel maintained his innocence. “It didn’t happen,” he said. “I’m completely stable. I’m safe and secure.”

Manziel was not charged by the Fort Worth or Dallas police departments, who say their investigations are closed.

“We’re trying to get our son better,” Manziel’s father, Paul, said in an interview with WFAA on Thursday. “We’re not there yet.”

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Browns owner Jimmy Haslam not ready to give up on Johnny Manziel 01.29.16 at 8:51 am ET
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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

While many have given up on Johnny Manziel’s future with the Browns, it seems team owner Jimmy Haslam is not ready to throw in the towel just yet

When asked by reporters Thursday night at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards if the Browns’ relationship with the controversial quarterback could be fixed, Haslam said, “I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

While Haslam did not seem ready to close the door on Manziel, the question remains whether new coach Hue Jackson is willing to start off his new gig with someone like Manziel under center. According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, Jackson clearly stated in his interview with the Browns that he wanted the team to move on from the troubled quarterback. Additional reports have stated that Jackson has met with several different Browns players, but never Manziel.

When pressed to comment on Manziel’s future with the team, Haslam said, “We have a certain expectation for our players, and that includes Johnny, and he’s got to live up to those expectations.”

A highly valued voice in the organization is Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown.

“I know a lot of kids that if you don’t know how to deal with them you lose them,” Brown said. “They don’t come ready made. But on the other hand, the argument is that he’s a man. He should know how to conduct himself. He has an opportunity. We’ve got all of that.

“But I like him, and I hope that they are able to relate, and I think if they are able to relate that he will respect the coach. I don’t want to see him traded or anything like that. I just think that’s never the answer to anything.

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Falcons lose draft pick for piping in crowd noise; Browns GM suspended 4 games 03.30.15 at 2:10 pm ET
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The Falcons will forfeit a fifth-round draft pick and be fined $350,000 by the NFL for piping in crowd noise during opponents’ huddles in home games during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

The responsible party has been identified by the NFL as former Falcons director of marketing Roddy White. White has been fired by the Falcons and given an eight-game suspension by the NFL.

“The Falcons and all of our other businesses are built upon a foundation of values that drive our decision making,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. “This issue was a clear failure in that regard. I apologize for any embarrassment this situation has caused the NFL, our fans, and our Falcons players and associates.”

Added Blank: “Anytime there are actions that compromise the integrity of the NFL or threaten the culture of our franchise, as this issue did, they will be dealt with swiftly and strongly.”

In other NFL news, Browns GM Ray Farmer has been suspended four games by the NFL, and the team will be fined $250,000. Farmer was investigated and punished for sending texts to team personnel during games throughout the 2014 season.

“I respect the league’s decision and understand that there are consequences for my actions,” Farmer said in a statement. “Accountability is integral to what we are trying to build and as a leader I need to set the right example. I made a mistake and apologize to [owner] Jimmy Haslam, [coach] Mike Pettine, our entire organization and our fans for the ramifications. Learning is a big part of who I am and I will certainly be better from this situation.”

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Browns WR Josh Gordon will have to apply for reinstatement after 1-year suspension 02.04.15 at 9:23 am ET
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Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was suspended by the league Tuesday for violating the NFL’€™s substance-abuse program. It’€™s the third suspension of his career, and it’€™s the longest, as he is to be kept out for at least one year without pay. Gordon will have to apply for reinstatement.

Gordon has not yet decided whether he will appeal this suspension, as he said in a public letter he posted last week.

“As we have conveyed, we are disappointed to once again be at this point with Josh,” Browns general manager Ray Farmer said in a statement. “Throughout his career we have tried to assist him in getting support like we would with any member of our organization. Unfortunately our efforts have not resonated with him.

“Our hope is that this suspension affords Josh the opportunity to gain some clarity in determining what he wants to accomplish moving forward and if he wants a career in the National Football League.”

In the 2013 season, even though he only played 14 games, Gordon led the league with 1,646 receiving yards. He was not able to repeat that performance, though, as he was suspended for the first 10 games of this past season after initially being suspended indefinitely. After the league revised its drug policy, the ban was trimmed to 10 games. But while waiting for an appeal, Gordon was arrested for a DUI and traffic violations in North Carolina and Ohio, respectively.

He checked himself into rehab for a short stint, but, according to coach Mike Pettine, Gordon was late for meetings and was suspended for the Browns’€™ season finale for not attending a walk-through before the team’€™s flight.

In addition, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel checked into rehab last week.

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Browns QB Johnny Manziel enters treatment 02.02.15 at 11:16 am ET
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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

Just one day after the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl in the Belichick-Brady era, news surfaced regarding one of the league’s most notable individual stories of the past year. A representative for Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel confirmed that the troubled youngster has started treatment to help resolve some off-field issues.

“Johnny knows there are areas in which he needs to improve in order to be a better family member, friend and teammate and he thought the offseason was the right time to take this step,” a statement released by Manziel’s publicist Denise Michaels read. “On behalf of Johnny and his family, we’re asking for privacy until he rejoins the team in Cleveland.”

Manziel, one of the highest-profile picks in last year’s draft, has had several off the field issues dating back to his days playing for Texas A&M. This season, Manziel has drawn negative attention for partying on multiple occasions, and for his entourage getting into a fight.

Most recently, Manziel was fined by the Browns for oversleeping the day before Cleveland’s final game of the season. Manziel later admitted that he had partied too hard the night before.

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Browns coach Mike Pettine: ‘I’m not concerned’ about Johnny Manziel’s lifestyle 06.11.14 at 10:13 am ET
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Johnny Manziel can’t escape the spotlight.

In fact, his off-field lifestyle may be a call for it.

But all inflatable swans and trips to Las Vegas aside, Manziel was on the practice field Tuesday as the Browns opened their mandatory three-day mini-camp. And that seemed to be all that mattered to first-year coach Mike Pettine.

“I’m not concerned,” Pettine said after practice on Tuesday. “I would become concerned if it was something criminal and I would be concerned if it affected his job. There’s a lot of our guys, if when they leave here if they were followed around, you’d get some very similar pictures. I don’t know about an inflatable swan, but you’d still get some pictures.”

Pettine said feels no need to monitor Manziel off the field.

“The philosophy here is that we’re not going to micromanage the guys,” Pettine said. “I was involved in an event this weekend, and if there were some cameras at certain times it probably wouldn’t have been the most flattering. It was a group of coaches out and we had a good time, but we were responsible. When it becomes irresponsible or it becomes part of breaking the law or it’s something we feel is a potential problem, we’ll step in.”

Manziel and starting quarterback Brian Hoyer will not be made available to the media this week. Manziel is listed as the team’s backup behind Hoyer, and the two are expected to compete for the starting job in training camp.

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Browns turn down ‘Hard Knocks’ request 06.10.14 at 11:18 am ET
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The Browns may have Johnny Manziel, but the spotlight will at least be alleviated in some capacity during training camp.

First-year coach Mike Pettine told reporters over the weekend that his team has rejected an offer to star in the popular HBO series “Hard Knocks.” He said the team was approached before drafting Manziel.

“It was for the same reason we didn’t feel super comfortable having a camera in the draft room,” Pettine told The Plain Dealer. “Let’s get through the first time, let’s get through the first year.”

According to NFL rules, a team can avoid selection for the show if it has either a first-year head coach, a playoff berth in the past two seasons or a “Hard Knocks” appearance in the last decade.

Pettine was defensive coordinator of the Jets when the team starred in the series in 2010.

“There are positives and negatives to doing it,” Pettine said. “It’s not something I would say we’d never do, partly because the league can make us do it.”

The eight teams that aren’t exempt from the cameras are the Jaguars, Raiders, Steelers, Bills, Cardinals, Rams, Bears and Giants.

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Browns RB Ben Tate on Johnny Manziel: ‘I would get tired’ of media attention 06.04.14 at 9:59 am ET
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Ben Tate is sick of all the attention surrounding Johnny Manziel. But the Browns running back claims it’s more out of sympathy than jealousy.

“It’s just as a player I know that I would get tired if people were constantly monitoring if I picked my nose, if I spit to the left or right,” Tate said after the Browns’ offseason practice Tuesday. “I mean, it’s annoying. He’s a human being.

“He’s a great football player, so I understand why he gets some of the constant media attention. At the same time I just figure at this stage he’s tired of it and he wants to come in here and do his job and try to win the starting quarterback position.”

Tate said that Manziel has received too much attention too soon in his career.

“I feel like it,” Tate said. “He hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet. … I don’t know. … That’s for y’all to figure out.”

Tate followed by taking out his frustration on the media.

“Y’all just hype everything up and make everything bigger than it is,” he said. “That’s what y’all are standing over here for, right?”

Tate added: “Y’all just want to report the fastest story nowadays. Y’all don’t necessarily check sources or see if they’re right anymore.”

Tate’s aggressive may have stemmed from similar comments he made regarding Manziel at an NFLPA event over the weekend, which led to a rant on Twitter.

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