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Monday’s Morning Mashup: Robert Kraft defends Tom Brady’s integrity, calls NFL’s handling of Deflategate ‘very disturbing’ 05.18.15 at 7:43 am ET
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Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft

— Robert Kraft has let his actions speak for him since the Deflategate punishment was announced — allowing his legal team to release a counter to the NFL’s Wells Report — but over the weekend he spoke candidly with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and expressed his frustration with the league’s handling of the matter.

“This whole thing has been very disturbing,” Kraft said. “But when you work for something your whole life … I just get really worked up. To receive the harshest penalty in league history is just not fair. The anger and frustration with this process, to me, it wasn’t fair. If we’re giving all the power to the NFL and the office of the commissioner, this is something that can happen to all 32 teams. We need to have fair and balanced investigating and reporting. But in this report, every inference went against us … inferences from ambiguous, circumstantial evidence all went against us. That’s the thing that really bothers me.

“If they want to penalize us because there’s an aroma around this? That’s what this feels like. If you don’t have the so-called smoking gun, it really is frustrating. And they don’t have it. This thing never should have risen to this level.”

Kraft avoided commenting on if the team will attempt to go to court to fight the punishment, he would not say why he suspended locker room attendants John Jastremski and Jim McNally if they did nothing wrong, and he said of the current status of his previously close relationship with Roger Goodell, “You’ll have to ask him.”

He did, however, reveal that Tom Brady — who has remained quiet publicly — has insisted he did not break any rules.

“Yes,” Kraft said when asked if Brady told him he was innocent. “Because we had the discussion — if you did it, let’s just deal with it and take our hit and move on. I’ve known Tommy for 16 years, almost half his life. He’s a man, and he’s always been honest with me, and I trust him. I believed what he told me. He has never lied to me, and I have found no hard or conclusive evidence to the contrary.”

Added Kraft: “Footballs have never been measured at halftime of any other game in NFL history. They have no idea how much footballs go down in cold weather or expand in warm weather. There is just no evidence that tampering with the footballs every happened.”

— The Marlins parted ways with manager Mike Redmond after Sunday’s game, in which they were almost no-hit by Braves pitcher Shelby Miller before losing 6-0.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who left his seat near home plate in the fourth inning, decided to make the move with the team at 16-22 despite significant upgrades made in the offseason. Reports Monday morning indicated general manager Dan Jennings will move to the dugout to replace Redmond.

Redmond was 155-207 in two-plus seasons. Bench coach Rob Leary also was fired.

“We’re just looking for a new voice,” president of baseball operations Michael Hill said.

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Ex-Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen tweets congratulations to successor Mike Redmond 11.02.12 at 11:35 am ET
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One week after firing Ozzie Guillen, the Marlins named former major league catcher Mike Redmond as their new manager Thursday.

Redmond, who managed Class-A teams in the Blue Jays’€™ system, signed a three-year contract and becomes the Marlins’€™ fifth manager since 2010.

Interestingly, 13 of the 28 current major league managers (two spots are still open) have catching experience in the majors or minors. Former Sox catcher Jason Varitek‘€™s name was floated as a possible coaching choice in Boston.

Redmond was .287 hitter in 13 seasons, including seven years for the Marlins, and was a part of World Series team in 2003.

Former manager Guillen tweeted his well-wishes for Redmond

congrats mike redmond for u new job good luck buddy u have great guys going to play for you

Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison tweeted that he spoke with his new skipper by phone.

Just talked to our new manager on the phone. Sounds like a great guy.

The Marlins scheduled a press conference Friday to formally introduce Redmond.

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